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Before you stand looking down at me with that glare.
Shaking your finger at me and telling me to get off!!
Demanding me to leave "your" couch.
Ask yourself this…
Would you ask this of a friend?
Would you demand they lay on the floor?
Would have them leave the room?
When was the last time I used the remote?
When did I demand that you change the channel?
When have you thanked me for warming this spot?
Who else keeps you company through the reruns?
Who is there for you through the tear-jerkers?
Who helps you clean up the dishes left by the couch?
What is wrong with the arm chair or the rocker?
What does ownership have to do with anything?
What happened to possession being 9/10th of the law?
Why do you think you are more tired than me?
Why is my comfort of less value than yours?
Why do you not ask my opinion in this matter?
How come you make all the rules?
How is it that I protect and defend you regardless?
How does an income make up for lack of sensitivity?
The pure injustice of it all…
Yes I will lay down on the floor.
Don’t I always give in to your demands?
Yes you are the bread winner.
Don’t you think you are single focused on this issue?
Yes I still love you when others wouldn’t.
Don’t you wonder why I put up with you?
Yes I am unselfish and forgiving.
Don’t you think you could learn from me?
Yes I am leaving, give me a minute to stretch.
Don’t you think you should consider my arguments?
Okay … okay…
Bribery is good…
I’ll leave for the left over T-bone!
Overcrowding is bad…
No I don’t want to smell your dirty socks!
Compromise is even better…
Let’s go outside and play it will be more fun!
Cheryl C. Helynck
Whiteshadow Kennels 1998


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