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Grandma Tell Me A Story

Laying next to Grandma, it is so warm and comfortable.
She is old, but she is so wise and wonderful too!
She has a lot of patience and understanding.
But most of all she loves me, and makes me feel special.

Grandma!  What was it like when you were little?
Tell me again what you used to do when you were small.

Well Little One, I remember a day I had great fun.
The family and I went for a drive one summer day.
In those days I was the only dog in the family.
And this warm day we went to a place with lots of dogs.

I was younger then, and could run like the wind.
Not that I can’t still run fast when I really want to.
But back then it was much easier for me to do.
There were so many other dogs there that day.

The youngest family member, a little girl of about nine,
Took me into a ring, filled with so many things.
It had jumps, and a teeter totter, barrels, and slides.
A real maze of obstacles, to go through, over and under.

The little girl took off my leash, and told me to run.
I did not need any instructions I knew what she wanted.
I ran so fast, jumped the jumps, ran through the tubes.
No obstacle kept me from keeping up with her.

And the crowd of people who stood and watched!
It was amazing, they were cheering the two of us on.
Faster we ran, she only having to keep up with me.
I ran like the fastest cougar, maneuvering the course.

We were done in no time, both breathing easy.
Ready for more in fact.  We did run it again as I recall.
This time it was even faster as I knew the course.
The little girl just had to call my name and I was off.

Grandma!  That is a wonderful story, it sounds like fun.
I can see you and the little girl running so fast together.
Where is the little girl now?  Does she still run?
Do you think she remembers this day like you do?

Little One, she is over there at the table with her books.
She is so much bigger now then when we ran together.
She has grown so tall, and is such a beauty.
But I know she has not forgotten that day.

We ran often and played everyday back then.
But as we each got older, the things we did changed.
But still there are times we will play like old times.
Times when we both feel like youngsters.

Grandma I love hearing your stories.
It makes me feel part of those days when you were little.
Makes it possible to see you in a different light.
Like you are sharing a part of yourself with me.

Little One, that is the purpose sometimes of stories.
Let your experiences be mutually enjoyed.
Share a part of yourself, reveal your feelings.
Give of yourself so others know you.

One day you will have stories too that you will tell.
They will let others know you better, be a part of you.
And perhaps you will tell of this time together,
Others too will feel our closeness our love for each other.

Cheryl C. Helynck
Whiteshadow Kennels, 1998


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