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Boy is Mom mad, what a grouch!
She is the one that went out and left me.
Think she would know by now I wanted to come.
She still is ticked off, going to hide under the couch!!

She is the one that left that garbage bag in the kitchen.
I only checked it out, being helpful I thought.
You never know she might have thrown out good stuff.
So the living room looks like a hippie sit-in!

The cans have all been licked out and cleaned.
Paper has been partially recycled and digested.
Wish she would be more careful about butts and ashes.
Really could do without the second hand nicotine.

Now the underwear that is another issue entirely.
If some people in this house would use a hamper!
So her daughter will not like the alternations I made.
Can I help it I have a fetish for satin and lace.  Really!!

The work socks, well I did the whole family a favor.
They were really stinky and dirty, hard in fact.
Could not bury them, tried to lick them clean.
Chewed out the heels, and toes, yuck what flavor!!

Mom is always saying I am in the dog house.
Well if it is my house, can’t I have it the way I want?
I am perfectly happy with it, just the way it is.
Boy, better not push this, going to be quiet as a mouse.

Oh dear, now she found the shoes!!
I made a point of not chewing two the same.
Think two of each they would not mind me having one.
But oh no, there seems to be a problem with that too!!

There she goes again, blowing off steam.
Talking to herself and then yelling at me.
Not my fault honestly, these mood swings are a killer.
Now out comes the vacuum, guess she is going to clean.

Well at least she is taking out her frustrations.
The sound of the motor is blocking out her words.
Not a good time to ask for a treat I suppose.
Think it is going to be water and dried dog food rations.

She is still talking to herself, but starting to cool down.
Maybe if I come up to her and lick her hand.
Sit up and shake a paw we will be friends again.
Still shaking her head but think she is coming round.

Aw now she is still scolding me but in a different tone.
Okay, okay I will not scatter the garbage.
Yes, I will leave the shoes and underwear alone.
Doggie promise, as long as she does not leave me alone.

Could have saved all this hassle if I could have gone.
Simple misunderstanding, I am sure!!
I love her so, get bored, want to play, want to go too!
Please don’t leave me home alone!!!

Cheryl C. Helynck
Whiteshadow Kennels, 1998


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