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Hey look at that!  Another neat puddle,
I bet if I keep digging I can empty it.
Gosh this is fun!  Wish it would rain more often.
La La La La La!

Oh! There's Mom, wonder what she wants,
Maybe it is time to eat?
Gee Mom you don't have to look so disgusted!
Pardon Me!  Bath time!  Whatcha talking about!

Mom this is not dirt, it is good old fashion mud.
I've seen you walk around with worse looking,
A lot more gross smelling stuff on your face.
Ever see me complain?

Mom, you know I 'm not into this bath thing!
Shouldn't I just go to sleep in my kennel.
Most of the mud will just fall off anyway!

Did you check the temperature?
Little on the cool side if you ask me.
Bubbles!  Yuck they don't even taste good.
Not the face Mom!!  Aw gee now my ears feel goopy!

Okay if you must.  Hey don't get so personal!!
Are you finished yet.  Too much to hope for I guess.
I bet I could make a run for it.
It is all a matter of timing.

Hey put me down.  Not there!
Okay so the water is dirty, happy now?
Well at least the soap is going down the drain too!
Hate that stuff, will take me a couple of days to smell right.

Yea, so I'm clean.  Now get me out of here!!
Aw yes get those ears.  Hate the water running down them.
Mom!!  It is a little chilly!
Hurry up will ya!

Well it is all your fault, I was muddy not soaking.
Mom stop that, I can shake the rest off really!!
Just let me run around a little.
Hey I was licking there.

I'm as clean as a dish, is that why I'm on the table?
Burr!!  Come on will ya, it's a bit cool like this!
Oh God!!  That thing a tornado would do just as good.
Aw that is not too bad, at least I am warming up a little.

Okay, that's good, don't you think?
Guess not!
Mom leave the head alone, I don't like the wind in my face.
Well not like this anyway.

Not happy yet?
Look it I have been a pretty good sport about this.
The brush!!  Ouch!  That was a knot.
Yea!  Yea!  So I'm a pretty boy!!

What I do to amuse you!
Okay a treat sounds good.
You are talking my language now!!
Well guess I do look pretty handsome.

Boy all this bathing, just wears a fellow out.
Think I will go take a nap by the window.
Hey!  Look it is raining again!!
Wait till I get outside again, look at the puddles forming.

Cheryl C. Helynck
Whiteshadow Kennels 1997
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