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Bone where have you gone, I've looked for thee?
I've found the pink fluffy bunny under the tree,
I put you some place where you would be safe,
Why can't I find you, you're as big as a vase.

Tasty and smooth, the thought of you makes me drool,
In the yard I buried you deep, I'm such a fool.
I thought I could chew on you on just such a day,
But hole after hole I have dug, and now it's not play.

I've dug up the garden, and all by the fence,
When my owner gets back I will need a defense.
Will she understand my frustration and grief?
Or will she be upset about some broken leaf?

It's not fair I tell you that I can't find my bone,
When I hid it away I thought it had a good home.
I dug deep holes all around the back stairs,
But look as I might the bone was not there.

O Lord, I hear her car driving into the yard,
She's bringing in bags and she looks awful tired.
Not at the back door and she looks at the mess,
The dirt on my face and paws I think she can guess.

She takes out the shovel, and starts filling a hole,
As she finishes the work she calls me her "mole".
Well she took it quite well, the mess and all,
But I still have no bone just this old tennis ball.

I can't believe I can't find it that wonderful bone,
If I ever locate it, I'll never leave it alone.
She's back on the step and has something in her hand,
Another new bone, well isn't life grand.

Cheryl C. Helynck
Whiteshadow Kennels 1996


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