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Mommy said so, yes she did!
Said it right to Daddy and I was sitting there!
Mommy said I was going to school!
All my friends have been to school and they said it was great!

Whee! I’m going to school!!
My friends think they are so smart!
I’ll show them, just how good I am!
I wonder what I will learn there?

…….So this is school!
Look at all the other dogs!
He looks like a mutt, I am better looking than that!
Heck I am the best looking dog here!

Now she is kind of cute, wonder what her name is?
I’ll just go over and introduce myself.
Watch it Mom, that thing  is tight!
Guess I’ll talk to her later.

Okay, I can dig this, we are going for a walk.
Guess not.  Okay I will sit…don’t get so pushy!
Well make up your mind are we walking or sitting!
Mom are you having problems making up your mind?

Well that’s okay if you pick up the pace a little.
I can keep up… Mom…did you forget something back there?
Guess not !   Okay, okay I am sitting are you happy now?
Well are be back to this again?

Crying out loud Mom, how am I supposed to learn!
You can’t even do it right!
I am coming, just wanted to be sure you know where you want to go this time!
See I thought so, you have lost your mind!

Okay now what is this, you think I am going to just sit here!
Not on your life!  If you are over there, that’s where I am going to be!
Besides look at that flea bag over there, he is sizing me up for lunch.
You really mean this don’t you!

Okay so I am here and you are there, and your point is?
Oh bright one Mom, get lonely or something?
When I tried that you told me NO!
Mom I am getting a separation complex!

Okay now back for another little stroll.
So far so good.. ooops spoke too soon.
Gee Mom I thought I was the dumb one!
Mom I am tired of this can we go home now?

Guess  I’ll get the hang of this!
Just got to get into the right frame of mind.
She is an idiot and I am a bigger idiot for going along with this!
Mom I’m thirsty!

Right now that cute little thing looks just as confused as me.
Hey I was only looking!
Gee can’t a fellow look any more!
Well  maybe if we turn around again I will run right into her!

Mom I want to go pee!
Please Mom! Isn’t this supposed to be fun?
Well about time!! Sure you can give me that wiener.!
Hey we are getting out of here!!!

I went to school and look how smart I was!
Mom was a little slow though!
Hey  I can tell all my friends I have been to school.
Boy I am glad school is over!!!!

Cheryl C. Helynck
Whiteshadow Kennels 1997


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