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You and I come from different worlds and yet we shared our days together in harmony.

I love you and have been your devoted friend.  We saw and did many things together.  We each were there for the other in times of joy and sadness.

We spoke in different languages but we understood one another.  Your ways and mine were sometimes different but we adapted to each other.

Please know that I felt your love in each caring thing you did for me.  Your touch was soothing and reassuring.  We were never alone, for we had each other, even when others from each of our worlds were not around.

I have gone to a place of total peace and freedom from pain.  I watch now as your tears fall and see how your heart aches for me.  Parting was not a choice either of us wanted, but one day we will be together again.  There are fields of flowers here we will walk together.

The pain you feel makes me sad, so please feel my spirit and take comfort in the knowledge that I watch over you always.  Treasure the moments we shared together, talk to me, I will come close when you speak my name.

There are others of your world here that wait for their friends.  We share our days together with great joy waiting for our loved ones to join us.

See my smile, feel my head beneath your hand.  I still feel your fingers running through my hair, your touch was love.

Do not feel you are being disloyal if you take a new friend into your heart, because I know our love for each other is special and timeless.

Until our time together comes again, smile when you think of me, shed no more tears as this grieves me.

Friends forever.

Cheryl C. Helynck
Whiteshadow Kennels


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