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They say I'm a willful puppy and have destroyed their house beyond repair.
Don't they know I'm really lonely and only want their love and care.

I have tried for their attention.  I have barked and then I howled.
Would you believe they are so stupid that I'm in the basement now.

I want to play and have some fun, I really am a joy.
Oh what I'd do if they would only buy me some small toy.

They seem always in a hurry and by me they do rush.
I am a tangled, matted mess, have they forgot I have a brush?

They are on the phone and talking to a breeder to complain.
The pet store owner would not help them with their pain.

I'm destructive and bad.  Is this typical of the breed?
They want some help and need it fast, theirs' is an urgent need.

No wait a second, they are nodding and a smile is on their face.
Has someone finally tuned them in and put them in their place.
Now it 's been some time since I was a sad and lonely pup.
My days are filled with love and play and I sleep when I've had enough.
I am a lucky dog, my life is not at all tough.

My owners are much wiser now and we always go for walks.
I am looking mighty handsome and people can't pass without a talk.

If only humans would read and ask questions, all puppies would be so happy.
We would not be a nuisance and a burden and certainly not so yappy.

Cheryl C. Helynck
Whiteshadow Kennels 1993


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