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Curled close to my body, my little girl asks,
"What is a dog?"
I look down at her lovingly
Looking into those inquiring eyes.

"Darling a dog is an animal"
"An animal, what is that?"
I think it is going to be one of those days,
Where one answer leads into another question.

"Well dear an animal is one that walks on the earth"
"But Mommy everything walks on the earth"
"No not everyone, sweetheart, look at the
Heavens see the birds in the sky, they are not animals."

"See the snake curled on the rocks, he is a reptile,"
"They sometimes live both on land and water."
"What about people, Mommy are they animals?"
"No, they are humans."

"Mommy" Here we go again maybe she will tire of this soon.
"What dear?"
"Are animals better than humans?"
Now what does one say to this?

"Well dear, humans call themselves superior."
"Better, dear because they know more things about life."
"How can that be, Mommy?"

"No human can be be smarter or super ear errie or than you!"
"Well sweetheart, it is a word they use that dogs don't and
It is, S U P E R I O R"
"We just call them friends, and in a dogs world that is the highest compliment one can give another being, whether
it is human, animal, reptile or bird.

"Yes dear"
"Do humans call us friends?"
"Oh yes, dear many call us their best friends!"
"That is good!"

"Do the humans know we call them friends?"
"Yes dear, they know we are their companions and friends."

"I guess it is okay if the humans think they are superor e or
As long as we know they are not, right?"
"Yes dear, now it is time for your nap.

"Aw Mommy"
"Don't argue, Mommy, is going to have a nap too."
"Alright Mommy, I am glad you are so smart,
I think you could be super or y or too if you wanted."

Cheryl C. Helynck
Whiteshadow Kennels 1997


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