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Oh Little girl, come to me, let me share my love with you,
You have the instincts that will allow us to share our lives/

I sense no fear or apprehension in you, yours is a gentle spirit.
Closer you come and with great concern about not wanting to scare me,
This wisdom of understanding was born with you.

Your touch is soft and playful, I know I can trust you.
What you say with your actions says more than you could
Ever convey in your language.

My heart soars with wings as you hold me close.
I feel your heart beating within your body as strong steady rhythm.

Do you know the bond that will be with us all our days.
You will be my family and I yours.  The angels' trumpets
Sound that two souls of universal agreement have found one another.

Oh little girl, you will never be alone for your heart is
Open to a world of love and compassion which is impossible
For you to close.  The simple act of caring and loving another of
God's creatures will stand you in good stead with mankind and
The animal kingdom.

Our spirits intertwine, they sway in the sky above us,
Feel the freedom fro all constraints.  You can be yourself and I can
Be mine and together the simple act of loving and sharing will
Hold us together for all time.
We never have to fear that we can not touch each other, we will
Be honest and true to our relationship.

Troubles, yes we will have some for God sets out obstacles
For all his creatures as challenges.  But you do not have to face
Them by yourself for I will be with you as you will be with
Me when I need you most.

Oh little girl as you grow so will I, and our wisdom gained from one
Another will be passed on to others.  These instincts you have were
Nurtured by others who came before you and entrusted to you to
Develop and uphold.

Let me walk by your side, sleep near your head, play with you
And be your soul mate companion.
When you need the warmth of my being I will be there, you will
Not need to search for it as it will always constant in your life.

Cheryl C. Helynck
Whiteshadow Kennels 1994

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