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Shadows, just shadows, is all I see!
Nothing else is clear to me.
I smell and hear my way around,
I know my home and the surrounding grounds.

Don't know why the lights went out?
But I am not the sort of dog to pout.
Mom still calls me her girl,
She calls Ginny! Ginny! Bo Binny and I am all in a whirl.

She tells me she loves me and takes me for rides,
When we drive down hills it reminds me of slides.
The other dogs, number ten right now,
But I know that Mom is still my pal.

Stairs were hard to relearn, and chairs out of place,
But I have learned to take it easy and not to race.
Life is really not so bad, as I thought it might be,
Love is all I really need, I don't need to see.

A baby was over this morning, could tell she was small,
She sat in a basket and was too young to crawl.
I just sniffed her and could tell, she was happy like me,
She was soft and so tiny, I think she could see.

She reached for my fur and made small human sounds,
I like visitors when they come around.
You know most have to be told that I can't see.
I just go right up to them and sniff them until they pat me.

I am sitting by the door, for Mom to finish her typing,
She is busy by the sound of all of the tapping.
When she gets done, she will stop by and pat me.
She may even get down on the ground and rub my tummy.

You see the darkness has not really changed my life,
Love makes the difference and out weighs the strife.
If you have to be blind, and you really don't have a choice,
Just listen for the love in your owner's voice.

Cheryl C. Helynck
Whiteshadow Kennels 1997


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