What Love Means

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There are so many kinds of love and each has its own significance.  Love is a tenderness and   attachment to someone.  There is a degree of commitment that makes one love passionate and another devotional.

It can mean your heart sings in delight when you see the one you love.  A peace coming over your soul in the satisfaction at being close although your heart may race. 

Love can be the serenity and protective sensation of knowing you are never alone as long as you are loved. 

In order to flourish love needs to breathe and grow stronger.  The perfection of love is two people sharing the same depth of emotion for each other.  Placing equality in both the giving and the receiving of love. 

Giving love does not guarantee it will be returned, it is with a hope and desire that you send it forth.  It becomes a joyful event when it is shared and exchanged.

Love means caring so deeply about someone that you put their feelings, and desires above your own to ensure their happiness.

The simplicity of love is often abused when it is taken for granted, expected or if it is altered from the manner in which it was intended.

Love that is received should be accepted, cherished and safely guarded as it is a wondrous gift.  It should treated as is if it were not yours only being loaned to you as it is truly is the possession of the giver and can be withdrawn and withheld from you.

Love that you receive you should never be used as a weapon or in deception towards the person that gives it, as this will damage and destroy it.

Little One, the ability to love, give and receive it is one of life's treasures but it is like a double edged sword.   When love is in your heart and shared it is power and strength helping you through the problems of life.  When you forget love, abuse or lose it the blade is used against you creating more pain than the deepest cut.  Respect the gift of love and it will brighten your darkest days and add sunshine to your happiest moments.

                               Cheryl C. Helynck


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