One Step At A Time

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One step followed by another and another.  Baby steps will take you further down the path than running and tiring or stumbling in haste along the way.

Calculating the placement of each footstep and the planting of each one in a steady forward motion will give you the strength to advance towards your goals.

Patience to move slowly with wisdom takes more practice than advancement without thought.  When the distance to the goal seems far and moving faster towards it is tempting remember Little One, that many start out in this life headed towards goals only to tire along the way, discouraged with the set backs.  Decisions made in haste, steps planted on unstable ground have led to the downfall of many with high aspirations.

Each of us has many obstacles to climb.  Some will race to the base of a mountain only to stand gasping out of breath looking upwards to the summit.  The task is not insurmountable with the right preparation.

As challenges present themselves take the time to consider how you will make your ascent.  Where you will place your foot and maintain your balance along the way.

The highest mountain has been climbed, dreams have come true but not with out a plan and slow steady steps along the way.

There are those that are dreamers, and those who take the dream and make it a reality.  Choose your dream and take it into the daylight.  Make it your goal and work towards it.  One step at a time it will unfold with a plan that is thought out and footsteps that are well planted.

A mountain is high, towering above the earth.  There are no roads to the top, nor is it an easy climb.  The climber has to want to reach the peak, choose a path to scale the mountain and with each step pull oneself closer to the pinnacle.  The reward at the summit is the pride in the accomplishment, the worth to the climber is the confirmation in their plan and the faith it instills to plot the ascent of another mountain.

                             Cheryl C. Helynck


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