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Little One, learn to respect and appreciate the life around you.  Every animal, insect, or bird that flies, crawls, swims, or walks has a purpose in life.  Their lives are important to every other specie in the chain of life.  We are all connected but as humans we are given the gift of understanding and reasoning.  We are the caretakers of these creatures, and by watching out for them, they continue to hold the chain of our existence together.

Our actions in life create a reaction, like a neatly arranged set of dominos placed on edge.   Push one forward and the rest collapse behind.  The same is true of the chain of life, if a link is destroyed others follow in destruction.  Even the worm that slithers into the ground or the insects that fly in annoying quantities that will bite you have a purpose.  Some seem like just minor members of the food chain but take them all away and the mother robin will not have food to feed her babies.  If the robins and other birds die, not only is their music wiped from the sounds of our world but the seeds they drop and scatter will not grow.  Without the continual replanting of seeds many of the animals will suffer and cease to be.

You see Little One, we are all tied together in the great workings of our universe.  When you understand the life around you and respect it then you support the strength of the chain of life.  If you mistreat or ignore the creatures that make up the chain that holds all life connected you threaten your own existence.

                                Cheryl C. Helynck


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