What is time but a fraction of our lives that we mark with clocks and calendars.

What we do with time is so subjective; there are no real rules of how it is to be spent. 

What is the allotment of time granted to each of us; the answer a mystery.

What happens when time runs out is debated by each of us in our own way.


This brief moment that each of us has is not tangible; we can not hold it or slow it.

Most moments fly by without our conscious awareness of our use and loss of time. 

It is only when we stop long enough to reflect that time is noticed.

Mostly we feel its loss when we grow older or the body pains tell us the time is short. 

Time seems so much longer when we are young we can not wait to grow up.

Every special event in our young life seems to arrive at a slow pace. 

Why do I share these philosophical musing about time with you is really simple

Time is the thing I will never have enough to share with you.


                                 Cheryl C. Helynck 



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