“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” this quote comes from the 3rd century in Greece.

Many have added their views and varied this statement like Shakespeare, Benjamin Franklin and Margaret Wolf Hungerfold to name a few.


To me it is an appreciation of people or objects; basically an attraction you have for it or them.  It is something that you find appealing or special.  We live in an age where there are those in advertising and marketing try to force an image on the public of what they perceive as beauty.


It was not until a few famous actresses came forward to display their bodies while in the third trimester of their pregnancies that a pregnant woman’s body was considered appealing.  For many years women draped themselves in clothing to try to hide the fact they were carrying a child.  It of course was still obvious however it was felt that this was not a beautiful time for a woman’s body.


If you look at art you can find yourself engaged and drawn in by the weathered and wrinkled face of a person, their life written on their face.  The same is true if you stop to really look at the people around you, often what you might just identify as a reason to accept the person is that you see the beauty in them.


Beauty is not a certain body type, size or color it is that something special that you see when you look at a person.  It could be their personality that makes them beautiful or the sound of their voice that reaches your soul when they sing.


Beauty is everywhere but you need to appreciate it.  It could be the snow on the ground so fresh that no foot has touched it with the sun making it sparkle like a million jewels.


It could be the color of the sky showing you different shades of blue or radiant pink, red and oranges.  Sometimes you see the beauty in the smallest things, a child’s honest, unpretentious laughter, a leaf that reflects the changes of fall, the soothing repetition of the ocean waves.


Beauty is everywhere we only have to stop to enjoy it.




                                 Cheryl C. Helynck 



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