There are all kinds of rules in this world we live in.  Some are for our own protection; some make sense and others that have no value whatsoever.

There are rules that are found in every sport or game we play.   There are rules that govern the actions of the people of countries.  Rules for religion, actually rules for most everything we do or are associated with in our lives. 

Just because it is a rule does not necessarily mean it was a well thought out regulation or that it makes any sense.   

There is a fine line between following a rule and using common sense when a rule does not fit a situation.  It has been one of those issues in my life where I become the rebel and lawbreaker of rules that are not based in an intelligent format.   

I pull out my soapbox and hail the many bureaucratic rules that are imposed and followed by what appears to be robot acceptance of those employed by these agencies.  I am not able to absorb the fact that people that should be able to make decisions on their own can tolerate for the sake of a pay cheque the obviously ridiculous policies sometimes set out. 

In trying to guide my family I have always told them to think things through before taking action.  Make good judgments and try to be fair and honest in their decisions but as long as I live I can not and will not accept rules that try to force everyone into the same situation when each of us are so different.  There are times to break rules and times to ignore them when they in affect do more harm then good. 

This is a person choice and we all have these decisions to make I only caution you to be open to the need to sometimes challenge the injustice of certain rules or regulations.


                                  Cheryl C. Helynck 



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