Knowing when to say nothing or say nothing that will hurt a person is an art.

Although we all have the right to our own opinions it is not always beneficial to voice those views. 

Some people have the habit of trying to have the last word and occasionally it is like this when a person lacks diplomacy.  They may feel strongly that they are right about something or conversely that someone is wrong about something.  Regardless how intense the emotion stop and think about voicing your thoughts.  Do you honestly believe you opinion is going to change the way a person is thinking or will it result in them resenting your opposing view?  Is there some good that will come from your comment or will you just end up hurting or angering someone with your lack of tact and understanding? 

You will hear people talk about everything from politics to sports to religion and without a doubt there will be opposing views.  Most likely none of the opinions are based on one hundred percent knowledge or fact but more on their own emotional view.  That is why challenging a point of view can be so dangerous, because most of us make decisions based on a little fact, a little knowledge and a good deal of emotion.  Once emotion becomes part of the factor there is a very good chance that someone will be hurt by comments that show lack of diplomacy. 

It is in my opinion the better person who can say nothing when anything more will result in an argument or misunderstanding.  Believe what you want, act on your best instincts, and speak when it will benefit the listener.



                                  Cheryl C. Helynck 



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