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Daydreams are those special dreams we let our minds create while awake.  Unlike the images from our mind when we sleep, we have control over the outcome of our daydreams and can bring back the fantasy over and over again.  Picking up where it left off, making it more exciting, giving it more details.

When you daydream you have the freedom to be anywhere, anything you want and let your mind imagine what the dream would be like in life.   You don't need permission to travel in your dreams and it costs nothing.  When you want to return you can do so instantly.

These can be important life altering events as sometimes a dream becomes more than a fleeting desire to be or do something.  It can be the foundation of a goal that you set for yourself as you actually begin to lay the plans in your mind as to how you will make the daydream become a reality.

In a sense it is wishing for something, wanting it so much that you let your mind experience the desire until your imagination starts to create a plan as to how you will accomplish your fantasy.  A vision in the light of day that starts you towards a goal.

Many dreams you will just experience and cast aside as a pleasant adventure, not acting on them.  However there will be some that you will return to over and over again as the feeling is so pleasant or the desire so great, that you want to give it a permanent place in your life.

You will be told "dreams can come true" and this is correct, some are possible.  Most of  the inventions that have altered the way man lives, the creations in arts and science was acquired through visionaries.  Daydreams that took form in substance because their creator meditated and refined the apparition until it was given existence in reality.

Dream Little One, and never stop dreaming.  Let your mind take you to places, allow it to change you into anything you want to be.  Visions of all the marvelous things you desire in your life come to you in daydreams.  It is a special ability of our imagination to see ourselves as something else and once inspired the motivator to give it animation.

                                Cheryl C. Helynck


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