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The sun is out and the sky is clear,
I sniff the air and know that the cat is near.

What a wonderful day to run up and down,
And play with my ball till she comes around.

There is her van, I'll bark just to say hi!
She is happy to see me as her arms open wide.

She's my very best friend, although I have more,
But she's the one who loves me, the one I adore.

We have a rapport this lady and I,
We always have fun together, we don't even try.

I don't remember a time when she wasn't around,
The day I was born she was next to Mom on the ground.

She took a clean towel and rubbed me all dry,
I know it was her I didn't need eyes.

And then as I grew she rocked and sang to me,
No fear had I that she looked then as big as a tree.

I sleep on her bed and nestle my head on her pillow,
She talks to me and tells me I'm a good fellow.

What would I do if she someday weren't there,
I'd be lonely and sad without her loving care.

We are the best of friends, this lady and I,
And I'll love her forever till the day that I die.

Cheryl C. Helynck
Whiteshadow Kennels 1994


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