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Little One you are still unborn as I write to you, yet there are some thoughts I would like to share with you.   I am your Grandma and I love you. 

How you ask can I love you without seeing or knowing you? I do know you… at least some of the person you will be.   You are a little bit of your Mother, Father, grandparents, uncles and ancestors born long ago.  You will be a part of all of them and but you will also be YOU.   There will be no one quite like you in the whole world and this is because you are so very special.  As you grow never forget that being YOU is absolutely as it should be. You will watch and learn from your parents and friends, growing to be your own person, similar yet unique.

One of the hardest things to accept is your own self and who you are. The most common error that many people make is trying to have people fit a mold.  Believing that people should adjust themselves to fit a design created by another person can cause such frustration and unhappiness.  Likewise it is unfair of us to place people in the picture we create in our minds of what we expect them to be.  Accept the differences that you will have that make YOU special and in doing so appreciate and welcome those aspects of those around you that are different.

Think about my words Little One, if we were all the same what need would there be to have you or me. You will bring to this world something from the past that was here before and you will add to it in your own unique way something that is entirely YOU.   This is how it has always been, how it always will be and therefore as you grow learn to love yourself for who you are.  Remember Grandma’s words whenever you have doubts YOU are very special Little One, you are now and always will be.

                                 Cheryl C. Helynck


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