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Little One there are so many mistakes that one makes in life.  You will not be able to avoid them, they will just happen.  Some mistakes you can learn from simply by seeing those of others, but you will make many of your own regardless.

When the mistake is yours you learn that every decision you make has consequences, and the results of your choice sometimes is not right or creates problems.  Learning by our mistakes is how we grow to be better individuals. 

When the mistake is someone else's you learn understanding and forgiveness.  This too will help you to be a stronger, wiser person.

In a way Little One, mistakes are a good thing, both the ones you will make and the ones you will see other people make.   They provide knowledge especially if they are remembered and then the memory of them guide you to make better decisions in the future.

Some mistakes or accidents eventually turned out to be wonderful things.  Inventors and scientists know the value of mistakes as many of the cures and much of the technology we have now was stumbled upon in error.  So it is good to understand the reactions to a mistake and see if there was some good that came of it.

Saying, "I'm sorry", goes a long way in receiving forgiveness, especially if you really mean it, and you try very hard not to make the same mistake again.  It is easier for others to forgive your error when with the action of  making a mistake comes the knowledge that it was not done to damage someone or something.  Remember that forgiveness comes quicker if there is a sincere commitment by you not to make the same mistake twice.

Don't let a mistake sit too heavy on your mind as the guilt can prevent you from moving forward and trying again.   Remember always that no one goes through life without making mistakes and most faults are mended with the glue of love.

                              Cheryl C. Helynck


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