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The Samoyed World Mourns The               Loss Of Dolly Ward                  August 20, 1998

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The name Dolly Ward has become synonymous with the Samoyed breed.   Over fifty years of love and dedication she and her husband, Robert have given to this breed of dogs.  Held in high esteem for her expertise and knowledge of the Samoyed.  Known as the co-author of the The Complete Samoyed, and its many reprinted updates.  A breeder of Samoyeds and a highly respected world class judge of this breed and others.

I had the great pleasure of meeting and talking with Dolly some years ago and her well thumbed book is one of my treasured possessions.    She was a dignified and charming lady.  At the time I was a novice to the breed and showing.  I absorbed her words, committed them to memory.  She was a very wise and insightful person.  Perhaps her patience came from her years as a teacher.  That day she made time not only for her friends but for an eager face in the crowd of many that wanted to speak to her.  She had not placed my dog but to this day her words remain with me.  "You have a lovely dog and is one of many deserving to win but I could only chose one.  But do not let my choice today discourage you.  Your love for your dog makes it a winner regardless of whatever a judge selects." She said much more that as a fledgling to the world of showing gave me inspiration. Several times I was again able to see her judge and have dogs shown under her or Robert.  They have traveled to many countries and the common comment about Dolly that came back was "she is a wonderful, caring, warm and knowledgeable lady".

We extend our heartfelt condolences to Robert and Mardee and the other members of  the Ward family.  Dolly graced the lives of many of us and made a significant contribution to the Samoyed breed.  She will be missed.


                 Cheryl C. Helynck

               Whiteshadow Kennels


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