made in duplicate this day of , 1999




, Purchaser



hereinafter called the Purchaser





Cheryl C. Helynck of the County of

Leduc, in the Province of Alberta, Canada, Breeder



hereinafter called the Breeder


The Purchaser hereby agrees that:

  1. The Samoyed Female/Male, tattoo number WYF will only be bred to another certified purebred Samoyed and that hip and eye certifications will be obtained.
  1. That if the above identified dog is spayed or neutered that the Breeder be given a copy of the veterinarian’s verification of this neutering.
  1. That the Breeder will be provided with notification of any change of address or telephone numbers.
  1. That the Breeder be given the first option of taking possession of the dog should the Purchaser deem it necessary to locate another home for the animal. That if the Breeder waives this option the Purchaser will supply the name(s) and address of the new owner to the Breeder.
  1. That the Breeder be notified if the dog is euthanised or is deceased due to accidental death.
  1. That the Purchaser agrees to maintain the dog in good physical condition, care, feeding, grooming and medical attention.

The Breeder hereby agrees that:

  1. The dog will be found genetically clear of hip and eye dysphasia at two years of age or will replace the animal should examination prove inherited hip and/or eye dysphasia.
  1. The Breeder will provide the Purchaser with any change of address or telephone numbers.
  1. That the Breeder will provide the Canadian Kennel Club Certificate of Registration to the Purchasers upon receipt of same.
  1. The Breeder will replace the dog or refund the Purchaser his money should the dog be found not in good health by a veterinarian and provided documentation as to the condition(s) determined within the period of seven (7) days from taking possession of the animal.



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Purchaser Witness

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Breeder Witness


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