April 23, 1987 - July 20, 1998

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My Dear Sambuca:

Today was a day I had been dreading.  Knowing some day soon you would leave us.  Never expecting it to come so fast.  The last hours we spent together we reconfirmed our love for each other over and over.  I cried and held you, watched to see you were not in pain. Told you I loved you and how much you had meant to all of us.  That you would never be forgotten, never leave our hearts.  You laid close and licked my hand and fingers and gave me kisses.  Truly a grand dam, beauty, grace, dignity and love right to the end.  I had to let you go in peace and before the pain took over your body, you understood and were ready to take your leave of this world.  Holding you, crying, shaking, I did the one last thing I could for you. You lay in my arms and closed your eyes as my head lay on your side hearing your last heart beat. 

Today we spent a lot of time remembering you, as we will for the rest of our lives.  Looking at your photos, seeing you where you would normally be.   Looking at all the children and grandchildren we still have of yours.  Seeing little reminders of you in them.  Knowing that thanks to you there are so many families with your descendants that carry on your loving ways, your playful manners.   You live on my dear Sambuca, you have given of yourself to so many.

The family said our good byes to you, Trevor who held me and you both at the end.  Tracy who talked to you on the phone and you lifted your head in recognition of her voice.  We wanted only what we would want for ourselves, to leave this world without pain, with dignity.  Being loved by the ones closest to us.  We know it was the right choice and think only of you with love in our hearts.  Thanking you for every day you graced our lives.  You brought such happiness to our family, we have no regrets just beautiful memories of the time spent with you.

Did you ever imagine my dear Sambuca all the things you would accomplish in your life?  The little boy and girl you would help raise, play with and be both friend and family to them.  Did you know when you came to us you would become another child to me but much more than that my best friend?

I know no one had to tell you that you were a champion, you knew you were quality, a class of your own. Your whole personality and being proclaimed it to everyone that saw and met you.  As I held you in my arms waiting to take you into the clinic remember the little girl that made her mother look at you saying, "Mom what a beautiful dog." Even then in your last few minutes you were strikingly beautiful to a stranger.  Did becoming not only a Canadian Championship Show Dog, recognized for the many champion dogs you produced and attaining the Registry Of Merit status, mother of last years top Samoyed in Canada under System II, and 22 other very special and beautiful children ever mean what it did to me, I think not.  You were content to love every puppy born in this house, mother them with no regard to the fame they would attain.

You said good bye to Tequila, your long time companion and mate.   He will miss the grand dam.  You had a chance to say good bye to Lynda and her sons, you were the dog they always wanted and their eyes shed tears knowing that you had to leave.  Sandra came to see you as soon as she heard you were ill, knowing always that you held the highest rank in our family of dogs and wanting to console me.  Dale stayed with us for many hours on the phone last night, as I feared you would not survive the evening.  Paul shared his advice and concern knowing the heartache I was feeling.   You touched so many people with your life.  Did you ever think of all the young people, now adults that were to be in and out of our home through the years that you showed your love to, that cried today knowing you would not be here to greet them the next time they came to visit?  The word went out to them and they felt our sorrow, our loss and their own. They too remember you as being a truly exceptional lady. They called, brought flowers, and came to comfort Trevor and I.

Many of the things we thought as being important you paid no attention to. You knew the true meaning of life and lived it to the fullest.  You did not have to learn about love you were the essence of love in all you did.  You knew humor, how to play and tease. You had your own way of pulling pranks and making us laugh.

Did you plan to take a piece of my heart, make it yours?  I think you did and I willingly gave it to you.   You were the cutest puppy I have ever seen and there have been many we have loved through the years but none like you.  Did you know how much comfort you brought me through the years of struggle?  I think so, because you were always there for me, consoling me in my times of distress.  You knew when I needed you close and I feel you now.  I know you have not left me I feel your presence and it is the strength I need to carry on.  We love each other, always will and I am so very thankful that you shared your life with me.  I know you will remember my last words to you and you will find Dad, as he loved you too. Take care of him as you have us.   We will be together again, our love will carry on.

All my love forever and always,



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