PUPPY QUIZ?????????????


We are often asked how can you tell one puppy from another, they all look alike... Well they are like children and you see differences even in twins and triplets and it is the same with the puppies but here is a puzzle for you... which body belongs to this head?

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Another question we are often asked is how Samoyeds are for training?   Well Samoyeds are very intelligent... take a good look at the video that the following puppy is selecting and for those of you who have not viewed "Iron Will" it is a movie about sled dogs... now you tell me how many puppies are this smart :)))

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Often we are asked if we supplement the puppies and adult dogs with anything other than dog food.  First list all the ingredients that you think you will find in dog food.  Then if you have a dog food bag available read the label.   First thing you will see is a multitude of vitamins and minerals, second you will probably read something to this affect "it is formulated complete and balanced to meet your dogs nutritional needs", "the most nutritious food most dogs will ever need", "relies on multiple sources of meat proteins and properly cooked grains".  It gives you the impression you are serving the highest quality of meats ... think again even in some of the leading brands of dog food you will find the meat consists of meat scraps and finely ground bone meal and yes even "road kill".  We do supplement and we use ground beef, and chicken, cooked rice, pasta and oatmeal, cheese and eggs.  There is not a thing we supplement their diets with that would not be served for a meal for the two legged inhabitants at Whiteshadow Kennels.   We also give them soup/knuckle bones, pork hocks but never never poultry bones as these will splinter and can cause damage to the digestive track.  And how do our Samoyeds respond to "human" food as a supplement... well check it out for yourself.

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For people who want to watch Samoyeds at the dog shows you want to see the Group 3 Working dogs.  Samoyeds have been used for pulling sleds and barges, herding reindeer, cattle and sheep and oh yes they are known for trying to help out around the house too.

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Samoyeds are sometimes called the dogs with the "Christmas Smile".  Think about Christmas and what it represents... family... friends... love... giving and sharing good times.   That just about sums up a Samoyed all year round and for all ages.  Are Samoyeds good with children? Are they playful? Are they happy inside as well as outside the house? Are they a companion for all ages?   They are all this and MORE, they will be your best friend on your worst day.   They will make you laugh at their antics.  They will bring to your life the Christmas spirit 365 days of the year.

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                                                            Paul, Shawn and Page Wright


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